DGS School Code (CEEB code)



Transcripts and/or supporting documents will be sent electronically as permitted by the college thru Naviance.  If the college does not accept transcripts electronically or a transcript is needed for a scholarship, the student will need to provide a business size envelope with postage and bring it to the College and Career Center, Room A109.  The cost of the transcript is $3.00

College Application Process

Adding Colleges to Naviance

List the colleges you are planning on applying to in Naviance

  • Select "Colleges" tab - then select "Colleges I'm Applying To".
  • Select "Add Colleges to this List" - add the colleges you are planning on applying to.
  • The submission column will give you an indication if the college will accept documents electronically thru Naviance.

Please note - Not all colleges require letters of recommendation from counselors and/or teachers.  Check what your college applications rrequire before you complete the DGS college procedure below.

Careful planning will help alleviate stress.  Always check your school e-mail daily.


Letters of Recommendation

Which one do your need?

1.  Formal Counselor Letter of Recommendation

This is the most common form of recommendation.  In order to receive a formal counselor letter of recommendation, the student must complete the Teacher Evaluation and required questions in Naviance (see Steps A, B & C below).

2.  Informal Teacher Evaluation

Counselors use evaluations from teachers to help them write the formal counselor letter of recommendation (see Step A below).

3.  Formal Teacher Letter of Recommendation

Though this is not required by all colleges and universities, if your college requires a formal teacher letter of recommendation, the student must complete the "DGS Formal Teacher Recommendation Request Form" (see Step C below) and the required questions in Naviance (see Step B below).


Naviance Instructions for Informal Teacher Evaluations

For colleges and/or scholarships that ONLY need recommendations from Counselors, it is your responsibility to check and verify if needed.

You will need to gather information "About Yourself" and from the "Teachers" in order for your counselor to write a formal counselor recommendation letter for colleges that ONLY require a letter.  (See Steps A, B & C below)

**Allow three weeks for this process to be completed.  Check the "DGS App Deadlines" on the Home Page. **


Step A.  To request Informal Teacher Evaluations thru Naviance only

  1. Select the tab: "Colleges"
  2. Select:  "Colleges I'm Applying To"
  3. In Naviance under Teacher Recommendations, select:  "Add/cancel Requests".  Send an e-mail message to your teacher.  Check your e-mail periodically because your teacher might want to speak with you.
  4. Select three junior year teachers only.  After selecting your teachers, the status will show "In Progress".  Once the teacher has completed the evaluation, the status column will change to "Completed".

Your counselor will use this information to write a formal letter of recommendation.  It is your responsibility to touch base with the teachers to complete the "Informal Teacher Evaluations".  Your counselor will be unable to write a FORMAL  Letter of Recommendation without these teacher evaluations.  DO NOT request a FORMAL Letter of Recommendation from your counselor until you have three teacher evaluations COMPLETED.

Step B.  Required Questions for College and/or Scholarship Recommendations

  1. Select: "About Me" (this part is all about you)
  2. Under "Surveys to take",  select:  "Required questions for college recommendations".  Answer all the questions.
  3. When done, select:  "Save and I am Finished".  Have his part finalized your senior year.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, you can ask your counselor.

Step C.  To request FORMAL Counselor and/or Teacher Recommendation Letter

Though this is not required by all colleges and universities, it is your responsibility to check and verify if needed.  If your college requires a formal counselor or teacher letter of recommendation, the student must request the information below.

  1. Select: "Formal Counselor/Teacher Recommendation" located on the left side of the "Home Page" of Naviance under "Links".
  2. Student will need to fill out the "DGS Formal Counselor and/or Teacher Recommendation Request Form".
  3. Request your counselor and/or teacher to write a FORMAL letter of recommendation.
  4. Complete and submit.

Make sure Steps A & B are complete in order for your counselor to write a formal recommendation letter.

Common Application


Common Application recommendation forms will not be submitted online by DGS until student answers the questions regarding FERPA terms. 

  • Select the tab "Colleges".
  • Select "Colleges I'm Applying To".
  • Have your Common Application username & password available.
  • Students applying to Common App schools should complete the Common App FERPA waiver and match their Common App accounts in Family Connection of Naviance.
  • Students will need to create list of schools to which they are applying to in Common App & Family Connection of Naviance to have their documents sent electronically.
  • All Common App's require a letter of recommendation from counselor (Refer to Steps A, B & C located above).
  • Transcripts cannot be sent electronically without counselor recommendation letter.
  • Do not list your counselor and/or teacher(s) as recommendators in Common App
  • Midyear transcript will be sent automatically if you applied via Common App

Transcript Request for College Applications thru Naviance

  • Select tab: "Colleges" .
  • Select:  "Transcripts"
  • Select:  "Request Transcripts for my College Applications"
  • Under "Type", select:  Regular Decision, Rolling, etc.
  • Under "Lookup", select the college you have applied to.
  • You have the option to include unofficial SAT or ACT scores posted on your transcript.
  • Scroll down and select:  "Request Transcripts".

Make sure you have signed and turned in your yellow card - "Transcript/Records Release Form".  Students should not request transcript for NCAA thru Naviance.  All transcript requests will go thru NCAA.

Transcript Request for Scholarships or other Organizations

Transcripts cannot be submitted electronically from Naviance for any scholarships.  Student will need to provide an adddressed envelope with postage and all supporting documents to the College and Career Center, Room A109. 

Students will need to register on-line with NCAA and not thru Naviance.  Select "Official Transcript Needed" in your "Task List" in the NCAA registration process to continue to request a transcript.


Status of Transcript in Naviance

  • Select tab:  "Colleges"
  • Under Resources, select:  "Transcripts"
  • Select:  "View the status of all my transcript requests"

A good rule of thumb is to check your on-line college status weekly.  If you have any questions regarding your college status, you can always call the college admissions office directly.